Vicery [EP]

by Vicery

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Hailing from the depths of Serbian darkness, consisting of Ivana on vocals and Elio Rigonat on all instruments - a new force, Vicery, emerges!


released December 28, 2016

Vocals: Ivana Momčilović
All instruments & programming: Elio Rigonat

Lyrics by Ivana Momčilović
Music by Elio Rigonat
Logo concept by Vicery
Logo realized by Christophe Szpajdel
Photos by Dan Brudar
Recorded at Vicery’s home studio in December 2016
Mix and master by Stefan Tomić



all rights reserved


Vicery Belgrade, Serbia

Vicery was formed in summer 2016. by 16-year-old Ivana on vocals and 21-year-old Elio Rigonat on all instruments. Characterized by mixing multiple metal genres such as Nu-Metal, Groove Metal, Death Metal, and Prog into a modern blend, Vicery brings something entirely new to the table. Vicery is not a "female fronted" band. It's just a band made out of the passion for the music. ... more

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Track Name: The Cult
The Cult

I pledge my life to the Cult
For the Cult I’ll die!

Bless me dark priest
For I shall lay down my life
Spill the blood from my tongue
So I may take their lives

Erase their dogma, damn their souls
Crush their ranks, and take control
Only one, shall survive
For the Cult, I shall die!

Say the words, invoke Hell
Give me strength, cast the spell
Awake the beast, inside of me
A walking terror, for all to see
Track Name: Dead

Imprisoned by a black figure
Your body is about to disfigure
Alive or Dead, Even you misjudge
Another test has yet to budge!


Cut, slice, impale
Your body feels like a jail cell without a key!
You have to feel alive, so why don’t you just die?

No, no! It’s never enough
You can never be too rough!
A shotgun is all it takes!
Spill your brain, cut your veins!

Untimely visit that never comes
You walk between the worlds
Alive or Dead, faith shall decide
Now that you caught The Reapers eye!


The luscious release,
From this earthly shell
Fly through the Aeons
A Star has been crossed
Track Name: Vicery

Born insurgent, produced conformist
Purposeless, from the start
Shaped by others you learn to follow
And only your pride is left to swallow
Toothless cur, no you won’t bite
Frozen solid, sheathed in fright!

Sex, drugs and alcohol
Violence and mental disorders
Cool? You fucking pothead!
Your rotting brain starts to reek!

Metal is yesterday, tomorrow comes the rave
From the boots to the heels, from the beer to ecstasy!

First it takes your money!
Second it takes your pride!
Third it takes your friends!
At last it takes your life!

It drives you insane!
It drives you to your grave!

Old friend a unicorn
I still won’t conform!